Tuesday, 8 April 2014

sqlserver 2012 installation - a few possible gotchas

I have just installed sqlserver 2012 on the same server as one using 2008.
All was good as for accessing through both Management Studios but I struggled to get the web applications to connect to the 2012 databases.

These are all probably standard SQLServer Gotchas but they all got me.


  1. In the config I created a user 'sa' but this was disabled by default
    1. find the user, right click & go to properties
    2. click on 'Status' & select Enabled
  2. The database it self did not allow Sql Server authentication.
    1. Right click on the database server instance & select Properties
    2. click on Security
    3. Select the second option 'SQL Server & Windows Authentication'
  3. Port Configuration
    1. The default port for SQL server is 1433 so I needed to set up a different port for 2012
    2. Run up the 'SQL Server Configuration Manager'
    3. Inder the tab 'SQL Server Network Configuration' there will be two entries, one for the 2008 service & one for the 2012 service
    4. Select tge 2012 service
    5. select the TCP/IP protocal name & Right click & select Properties
    6. Select the 'IP Addresses' tab
    7. On mine the 'TCP Port' field was blank for all entries. I changed everyone to be 1533
Job done I can now connect with my user 'sa' using a standard conmection string but the new port number of 1533

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