Friday, 8 May 2015

subclipse - saving or reusing your SVN repositories

So you want to reuse your list of SVN repositories in another WORKSPACE or in another install of eclipse.

If you use Subversive it is very easy to backup your SVN repositiories:

    This is done by simply going to File -> Export -> Select from General -> Preferences.
    Then on the next step you can tick from a list the preferences you want to export.
    In this list, SVN preferences and SVN repositories should be included.

I have found no way of doing this in Subclipse, so here is a manual method.
NB though it is a total copy, there is no way to just copy a limited set of SVN repositories.

    Navigate to the dir YOUR_WORKSPACE/.metadata/.plugins/org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.core       In there there is a file '.svnProviderState'
    This is a binary file but just copy this to the new WORKSPACE in the equivelent directory & that is it.

(Thanks to a colleague at work - Philip Lau for this)