Thursday, 26 June 2008

Friendly if/then constructs in ant

Sometimes I wonder if a post is interesting to me because it is new to me but everyone else already knows about it.

Anyway, here goes. I wanted to do an If/else test in my build file and the < condition> construct produced some unbelievably ugly code. After considerable hunting I found

This has got a range of new constructs. The manual pages are here
My problem was that I wanted to test if a property had been set and to one of two specific values. This is what I ended up with.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

In line searching in Eclipse & IE7

I hate the search pop up window you get when you type Ctrl-F in many applications.

I searched for an add-on but eventually found that Eclipse already provide it but under the odd title of 'Incremental Find'

Type Ctrl-J and the words 'Incremental Find' will appear at the bottom of your window.

Simply type away with the text you want to search for.
The cursor will automatically jump to the next occurance of that string.

Ctrl-J will then make the cursor jump too the next.
Shift-Ctrl-J will jump backwards.

And I have just discoverred this. If you type the search word
all in lower case then the search is case insensitive. If you mix case then the search is case specific.

It had been bugging me that IE7 was the same.
Then I found this add-on
After a quick try it appears to do the job.