Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Eclipse & the error 'Specified VM install not found: type Standard VM, name'


  • I had a project that was previously building OK
  • At some point I upgraded the version of java
  • Came to rebuild the project and the Ant build was failing with the error popup
    • Specified VM install not found: type Standard VM, name
    • & it was referring to an old JDK that did not exist on my PC & was not referred to by eclipse with the list of installed JREs
  • I searched in the project for the JDK listed 'jdk1.6.0_26' 
    • No luck - could not find anythine
  • I deleted the project & reloaded it from SVN
    • Still No luck - I got the same error

After a bit of googling, I found this site http://www.javaworkspace.com/VMNotFound.do
I went for option '2' of edting the launch file in the directory simply renaming the JDK after stopping eclipse.
  • C:\projects\WORKSPACE\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.debug.core\.launches
All sorted now thanks.


Apryll said...

Thank you Very Much.You helped me a lot.

Rahul said...

Thanks a lot. This helped me now.

Cássio Nandi Citadin said...

Thank you very much pal!

Artur Łysik said...

Thank you!