Friday, 8 November 2013

Stored Procedures or functions that return POJO objects using hibernate

I have an application that needs to run some stored procedures that want to return List but I struggled with how to get this working.

To quote from the hibernate docs this is an area that they need to work on. It says:


This is an area in Hibernate in need of improvement. In terms of portability concerns, this function handling currently works pretty well from HQL; however, it is quite lacking in all other aspects.

This is my eventual solution.

First off a Dao class

Here is the interface that the Dao will implement

Then the generic Dao MetOfficeDao
Note the following:
  1. The use of ResultSetHandler from Apache is a basic ORM
  2. JDBC parameters start from '1'
  3. getSession().connection(); is deprecated

Just for completeness - here is an example stored procedure for SQLServer
Note the line:
This is needed so that the procedure just returns the data and not the number of rows returned

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