Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tomcat 7.0.32, IE & javascript comments

UPDATE: this is fixed in 7.0.33

A funny one this & one that took a while to track down.
First off the bug does not show itself in firefox or chrome (proper browsers), just IE, but sadly we have to get them all to work.

My development system was running perfectly in all tested browsers but then my tester reported an issue where a page was just displaying a blank page.

We blamed the data, his version of IE, which was 8 & I am on IE 9.

Eventually we struck on the tomcat versions. I was running 7.0.29 & he was running what is currently the latest tomcat 7.0.32

So looking further I worked out that if I swapped over the jasper jars I could get 7.0.32 to work. The issue turns out to be the javascript comments. If there is an uneven number of dashes next to the percent then the page will fail.

 So this is good.
 <%-- a good javascript comment --%>;  

& this will fail
 <%--- a dodgy javascript copmment in tomcat 7.0.32 --%>  

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