Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cucumber-jvm - a first very tentative dabble

Before I start getting in to the meat of BDD & what on earth to do with it I wanted to create a basic standalone project and get the tests working.

I decided to take a look at cucumber-jvm because I have heard good things about it from the Ruby world.
Here is Cucumber-jvm on github from

The git hub link points to the whole shebang & is all maven based. I can't say I am a fan of maven at all.

So I have stripped out the hello world application and just included the jars that are needed for that application.
It can be found here on my github repository.

Included is all you need to run this as an eclipse project except the jars. I use ivy to download the required jars so they are defined in the ivy.xml file.  If you want to know more about ivy see this post I wrote a while ago.

Now I need to delve further in to the world of BDD & work out what I need to do to apply it to my current & new projects. Wish me luck.

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