Tuesday, 21 September 2010

keepass and dropbox combined.

A while ago I blogged about using keepass as a secure password & data storage tool.
The blog entry is here.

The issue I have always had is keeping the keepass db in sync between my different PCs at work & at home and on the move. I used to use a memory stick but decided that was prone to getting lost or damaged.

I have recently started using dropbox. This tool provides online storage allowing sync between any number of devices and supports linux, i-phones, android, iPad as well as Microsoft platforms. It is free for the first 2GB and you get to earn additional storage by either nominating others or getting nominated by an existing member.

From the reviews I have read it appears secure so I have started using it for my keepass database as well as any every day stuff I want to share.

As for reviewing keepass I am still very pleased and impressed with it.
My family now all have their own keepass databases to keep their personal data.

So if you want to try dropbox, follow this referral link and try it out.

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