Friday, 6 November 2009

humax PVRs and the digital switch over

I have two Humax PVR freeview recorders that have been running quite happily for several years.

The 4th November was our official DSO date for the north west and suddenly most of my BBC channels had gone.

My two PVRs are a new 9300T and an aging 8000T.

A retune on the 9300 brought BBC back but with BBC1 on channel 800. The 8000T could not find BBC anywhere.

The fix for the 9300 was to go to the Installation Menu, select the 'Default Setting' menu, enter the pin code and reset the box. Low and behold BBC1 was back on channel 1.

However the 8000 was proving more awkward. For this box I performed a software update request from tyhe system menu. Despite not saying that any of the versions had changed this fixed the problem and BBC1 is now back on channel 1.

In parrallel I did email humax on and congratulations to them I did get a very prompt reply but I had fixed the problem by the time I had read the email. For interest they said to do the following:

Please follow the steps below to perform a Default reset;

1. Power OFF the receiver

2. Disconnect the Aerial cable

3. Power On the receiver

4. Press MENU

5. Select Installation

6. Enter your password (default = 0000)

7. Select Default Setting

8. Select YES

9. Enter your password (Default = 0000)

10. When the receiver restarts, power off

11. Connect the Aerial Cable

12. Power ON - the receiver will then search for the channels.

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