Thursday, 14 May 2009

Eclipse Hot Keys and the language bar on Windows

I like to use Eclipse Hot Keys and two of my favourites are Ctrl+Shift+R (open a resource) and the very similar Ctrl+Shift+T.

Sometimes when in eclipse I would do something and suddenly find the double quote and '@' keys (among others) had swopped.

I sussed out that somehow I was changing my keyboard settings from English UK to English US. I left it at that now I knew I could fix it.

Today I sussed out why and how to stop it happening again.

The hot keys to change the language is Ctrl+Shift and I must have been missing off the R or T.

So assuming you do not want to change the keyboard from one to the other at all or not too often you have two options:
a) disable the hot keys
b) remove the language you do not want.

To do this go to: Contol Panel->Regional & Language options->Languages->Details.

If you want to disable the hot keys select Key Settings->'Change Key Sequence'.
If you want to remove one of the languages, select one and then select 'remove'


Alistair said...

Thanks Bill.

abeacock said...

Nice post, I'll check my settings tomorrow. I've not fallen foul of this yet but if it's enabled it waiting to jump out on me!