Friday, 15 August 2008

importing oracle dumps using imp or impdp

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager I was trying to import a DMP file into an oracle database & I got the error:
Import Submit Failed
There is a problem reading from the import files: ORA-39143: dump file "c:\temp\case9_0.DMP" may be an original export dump file .

There appears to be two import tools and Enterprise Manager only knows about 'impdp'. There is the old import tool 'imp' that is needed if the dump file was created using 'exp' as opposed to 'expdp' or via Enterprise Manager.

The solution.
Simply run:

imp user/password
where user & password are for the user in the dump file and it will prompt you for all the answers.


abeacock said...

Nice! I'll remember that as those awful Oracle errors messages seem to mean nothing most of the time! ;)

Bill Comer said...

and an example command in full:

imp system/password FILE=filename.dmp fromuser=someuser touser=anouser

Anonymous said...
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